Thursday, June 14, 2007

NCCA, NHI What is Happening?

I happen to visit intramuros, luneta and the CCP complex just a few days back and here are a few of my observations

The Ang Binhi (The Seed) Scupture

The “Ang Binhi” sculpture was moved near the “Madre Filipina” in a place surrounded by trees…I don’t know if you have noticed, but aren’t sculptures meant to be seen?….this one seems to be hidden…....if the park does not have any space for it, why not give it to….one of the local government of metro manila I think they will only be too glad to accommodate it in their local parks….or better yet….give it to mmda….I am sure Bayani Fernando will be able to put it in a better place…. (please see attache pics)

The Lapu-lapu Statue

The lapu-lapu statue…....the guy deserves a place all his own…its huge size is being dwarfed by the smaller statue of gat jose rizal…and it should be placed near and facing the sea as if guarding the islands from invaders…one suggestion is at the back of folk arts theatre… there is a breakwater there at the end of which there is a small rotunda …. where cars usually makes a u turn…it can be placed there… viewed from the sea …it will be an instant hit…. and it will be a new destination for the locals… or…it can placed beside the film center also facing the sea……there is an open space there that could be developed… would be a great sight…it is sad ....putting these treasures to waste….the present location of the lapu-lapu statue ay hindi swak…if you get what I mean…

The Sari-sari store shanties inside the park

What are these sari-sari store shanties doing there…doing in our premier park...if the idea is to give livelihood…to these people at least put them in a uniformly designed kiosk.. (Please see attached pics)

The big clock….is not working

The hands of the clock is held into place by a piece of wood and hollow block…mind you in our premier park…if the park is having a hardtime maintaining it...then they might as well put a maintenance free...well designed sundial....(Please see attached pics)

The National Museum

There is only one word for our national museum….SHAMEFUL…specially the old senate bldg…...did you know that there is an existing museum development blueprint …I think it was during the time of the marcoses…. the present location of the lapu-lapu statue, that space supposedly is to be developed into a lush garden enclosed by glass…. that links the present museum of the Filipino people and the DOT bldg which is also … supposedly have to be turned over to the national museum as part of the 3 bldg museum complex…..Now, i think imelda was way ahead of her time she was misunderstood.....when it comes to this kind of stuff…

Btw...i also e-mailed Fr. Casal?...of the national museum and told them that their website needs a loooootttt of improvement........they can simply compare it with other museum sites and see what i am saying...

The Ninoy Aquino Statue…

Why was the aquino statue placed in front of the magnificent legazpi-urdaneta monument…definitely a no brainer….is this the trend now???….why not put ninoy aquino on the manila hotel side …there is a space there just fronting its present location also.... almost of same size…..leave intramuros alone…

The Cultural Center Complex

The view of CCP when you are coming from luneta side is now blocked by palm trees...the area now seems to look smaller because of the clutter....those palms should be moved to where they could be put to better use....SPACE...WIDE what makes the complex grand and beautiful....

What happened to this bldg? enveloped in an ugly structure...of STARCITY...the complex master plan is to make things beautiful and not ugly...

Do you see those beautiful sculptures in front of the PICC...what is wrong with that picture.? people cannot actually see and appreciate them...aren't those works meant to be seen?....if i remember it right there was once an scupture park along roxas blvd.....the place has got history those pieces of art should be placed there to add prestige to the ccp complex...(don't give me back the issue of security...that is an stupid excuse)

The Coconut Palace
It should be opened to the public....for appreciation of filipino architecture and showcase manosa's work...he is the only filipino architect.. that seems to be pushing the cause of a filipino architectural design identity

The Film Center
This building should be fixed...let us all accept it that the building has got character..try viewing it from the view bridge of sm mall of asia and you will know what i am saying. The road near gsis and film center should now be linked to the bridge that leads to sm bay city park

Looking back...without these imeldific structures inside the CCP complex the philippines would definitely looked left out by its progressive the way, haven't you noticed? that the very people bashing imeldific and her projects are now the ones sitting in its boardrooms????....

I happen to visit a few countries…and obviously some of you did too… it is only here where we disrespect our heroes and disregard our monuments….

Please do not take these comments negatively..i am floating these issues so that someone or somebody may be able to do something about hoping that you being with the NHI and NCCA will.....