Monday, November 8, 2010

Manila Ocean Park - Aquatica

The water, laser, fire and light show at the Manila Ocean Park Aquatica is definitely a mesmerizing wonder to kids and adults alike.  It's the only one in the Philippines, the concept is fresh and new.  I just wish that the should could have been longer.

Tagaytay City Parks

Destination 1

Palace in the Sky, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines 

Had the chance to visit Tagaytay lately with my youngest daughter....i cannot help but be disappointed with the what i saw.  The place is rotting inside is a disaster waiting to happen....I noticed two caucasians tourists with their filipina girl friends..doing the smirk...the guys must have been wondering wtf is worth seeing in that place.....the place is FUGLY...

The moment you arrived you are harrassed by vendors selling all kinds of stuff, then by barkers urging you to ride their smoke belching jeepneys on your way up.

At the so called Palace in the Sky (WTH do they call it Palace?) it must hold the record as the FUGLIEST palace in the world...the place is dirty, it's being run by locals who definitely have no idea of what they are doing and only cares about of selling you more much for PHILIPPINE TOURISM...

Destination 2

Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City, Philippines

Our next stop was the Picnic Grove People's Park....the name alone will annoy you....Why name it people's park? Picnic Grove is definitely classier but People's Park? golly...what an idiotic thing to do...the name rings like a place in China or North Korea :P ....

Again the moment you step inside the place you will be harrassed by barkers again this time urging you no end to ride their you look your way around, you will see demolished cottages with their skeletal structures still standing.....then you will cross paths with not so good looking people urging you this time to ride the zipline.  The zipline is situated in an ugly makeshift structure that definitely does not blend with the you walk towards the hanging bridge you cannot help but notice the the rusty railings of the walkway, the elevated walkway was a brilliant idea by the way although, ill maintained.

The postcard perfect picnic tables are dirty and the pathways are made ugly by those uncut grass and litter.  New structures were also built that serves as stores the design of which does not give justice to the place....whoever built those structures were only after the money that they could derive from those much for Philippine recommendation? avoid the get a better view of the volcano, .go some place decent.