Friday, November 28, 2014

Museo Pambata ( Children's Museum ) , Roxas Blvd., Manila, Philippines

Had the chance to visit the Museo Pambata and observed that it has deteriorated a bit.  My first visit I was utterly amazed and I was glad to see such beautiful interactive displays.  This time, a number of exhibits were missing, like the robotics and science interactive displays.  Although, now they have more museum guides and if you're lucky, catch a presentation from a popular Chorale and Dance troupe.  Here are my pics.

Yexel's Toy Museum

Had the chance to visit Yexel's toy collection at Boom na Boom, along Roxas Blvd.  The toy collection is impressive but not really that many, the location is a let down.  Here are some pics.  Maybe the Yexel's Museum at the Manila Ocean Park is better.