Sunday, September 22, 2013

Davao City, Philippines

Had the chance to travel to Davao, here are pics of the city

 Davao International Airport 

 Crocodile Park...more like a Zoo it features quiet a number of animals

 Large Bats...first time I saw this kind of species this close and this BIG

 Butterfly House located in the same vicinity of Davao Crocodile Park

 Ampitheater at Jack's Ridge
 something about the place

 Jack's Ridge ... Davao's equivalent to the Tops of Cebu

 Jack\s Ridge overlooking the city features a number and restaurants


 Davao's famous People's Park

 Featured Sculptures by Kublai Milan

 The trees makes the place cool even at noontime 

 Durian shaped building inside the park


 Rizal Park fronting the City Hall

 Davao Cathedral

 Davao City Hall


  Bangkerohan fruits at bargain prices


  Seda Hotel beside ABREEZA Mall



 Davao International Airport (Francisco Bangoy)