Sunday, October 11, 2009

Circle of Fun (Quezon Memorial Circle)

The new Circle of Fun inside the Quezon Memorial Circle is a HIT. Whoever came up with that idea did Quezon City a great service. The new mini theme park is definitely an attraction that will further draw crowds to that park and make the Quezon Memorial Monument and it's museum underneath worth the visit. There are more reasons now to visit the park and enjoy.

Circle of Fun

Entrance Fees:

Adult P20
Child above 3ft P20
Below 3ft P10
Below 2ft Free


All rides P30

Parking Fee:

Cars P15

The QMC Park

Whoever designed the bicycle station did a wonderful thing. The design is simple, neat and eye catching. I myself welcomed the new design. It is a good addition to the park.

The Quezon City government did the right thing in sprucing up the park. It has a lot of benches now, picnic tables and new playground accessories for the kids. This will make QC residents, spend more time outdoors. It will be a positive influence on their health, family relationships and values.

We were not really able to check out the whole park, since the purpose of our visit was actually, just to take a peek at the new developments that we saw every time we drove by. To my surprise, we loved it, enough for me to shell out my precious pesos for the entrance fees.

However, the section where they sell plants, herbs and fruits should be improved. There is a concrete wall there of the establishments that makes the place ugly. They should paint it with wall art. The place defeats the purpose of making the park look beautiful.

Cool things at the park

This is one cool trash bin.....

and lamp post too....