Saturday, August 15, 2009

Death of Cory Aquino

The death of Cory Aquino in the early hours of August 1, 2009 dealt a blow to democracy not only in the Philippines but the world. She was one credible champion of democracy with unsullied integrity. Her sincerity to help the poor and the country as a whole is beyond question. In a maternal Philippine society she was a clear symbol of a mother ready to protect her offspring from danger, real or imagined.

Her recent politics though confused the people. She asked the resignation of Gloria Arroyo, thinking perhaps that it would collapse from the series of unfortunate events hounding her. She was ready to support breakaway groups that tried to topple the administration Mrs. Arroyo, and as if to spite the President, she even apologized to Erap Estrada who was actually convicted by the courts of a crime.

The scenario being painted by the opposition on the Philippines was very grim. However, a very different and positive color was being put forward by big business and foreign rating agencies This further confused the people, that whatever resignation calls for the president to step down or calls to rally the people, the opposition, just wasn't able to get the numbers, and it gave Mrs Arroyo the needed time to regain her composure.

With the death of Mrs. Aquino, the opposition is leaderless. They are left with the likes of Erap, Binay, Villar and Mar who have neither the integrity or capability to mount a respectable challenge to Mrs. Arroyo.

Good for Cory Aquino, the people perceived her sincerity and her uprightness while she was still in office. The shortcomings of her presidency was overlooked and considered the restoration of democracy as her biggest legacy and that was enough.

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