Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The National Museum - National Art Gallery

The NM is upgrading their facities and galleries.  One thing that I have noticed is the big improvement on their official website.  nationalmuseum.gov.ph it is professionally done and the color pallete blends well.

I had the chance to visit it's galleries lately.  The old galleries were still there, there were no changes made it was not tweaked, the lighting is still poor and they don't look well maintained.  Although, they have opened new ones, and are renovating the other galleries.  Hopefully, with the able leadership of it's current director,  who knows, they may be able to surprise us.  There has been an improvement if I may say so.

 The Balanghai boat at the NM grounds facing Taft Avenue

 The ceiling of the session hall of the former Senate of the Philippines

Newly renovated courtyard

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