Friday, July 27, 2012

Bencab Museum

On  my way to a meeting, I decided to drop by Bencab Museum which was along the way to check it out and have coffee, it was well within merienda time and my stomach was grumbling. Good decision, while i was having my coffee, the artist Ben Cabrera walks into Cafe Sabel. Whoa...the guy is TALL and was wearing his signature cap.  I could not resist the photo opportunity and requested for a pic with him and later for his authograph on the museum guide. Hahaha  I was star struck.  Here are pics of that encounter.

 Museum Shop

 Coffee at Cafe Sabel

 Pancake and Bacon too!

 enjoying the place

 no other patrons yet so i almost had the place to myself

 the place is beautiful
it was drizzling, i was not able to venture outside and check the museum grounds

 Bragging rights RESERVED :O

 Feature works of other artists

 Paintings of Various local artists

 Paintings by Bencab

 his collections of Bulul

 collection of other Igorot artifacts

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