Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Sierra Madre Resort and Hotel, Tanay, Rizal

We had our yearly planning workshop, this time at Sierra Madre Resort and Hotel, KM 56 Tanay, Rizal

The room amenities are not really five star or three star even, but they food is very good and a lot of outdoor activities could be done that visitors will surely enjoy.


log cabins

Hotel rooms overlooking the pool area

 one of the few hanging bridges in the resort

One of the few European Statues in the resort

 A canopy bridge

 Covered activity area

 Their own waterfalls

Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

 Bridge to the Jungle trail

 Bridge to the Station of the Cross

 One of the three pools in the resort (no water though)

 Another pool

 Can't help but notice the very big Fern

 Obstacle course

 One of the horse inside the resort


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