Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rizal Park - the Lapu-Lapu Statue (Agrifina Circle)

I do not believe that placing Lapu-Lapu at the circle was appropriate for Rizal Park.  Lapu-Lapu should have been built his own park.  Somewhere near the sea, the roundabout at the back of Folk Art Theatre would have been a good place.  It would have liven up the place and became a new destination to visit. Or, they could have put it at the Film Center Area facing the sea.  It would have been an ideal park for Lapu-Lapu.  It would have seem that he is perpetually guarding the land from invaders. 

However, while now that Lapu-Lapu is in it's current place could the NPDC at least fix the place up. Paint or tile the base and remove those railing already.  Those railings where for the skaters during the time when the Globe was at the center of it all.  Oh my oh my...why do we continuously foul things up.  This is supposedly the premier park of the country. 

 How he stands proudly on guard.  He deserves a place all his own.

The carriages being allow to ply the park should be regulated and conform to a certain standard of design.  What we see here is a PUNGGOK version of a carriage.  I have seen better carriages in Fort Santiago.  It should be of that sort of carriages or better yet, go with the pinoy authentic kalesa.

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