Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rizal Park (Luneta) - Relief Map of the Philippines

A day at the park last June 29, 2011

 The Park signage is ok, it is an improvement of the previous one

 This framed pics of places i don't get, it takes up space and it sort of clutter the place, it should be removed.

They repainted the Map description but did not bother to clean and remove the stone the protruding wires and metal at the base. 

What is with those map holes? they did not bother to repair the map itself.  They made a walkway over it but did not fix the damage portions of the map.

Substandard metal for the canopy, broken and twisted (already? yes tita already)

Missing map descriptions (already? really?) obviously the much touted refurb is done with poor workmanship.  After those grand pronouncements this one is really a let down....a disappointment wtf.

Portion of the map is covered by the walkway it messes the whole thing up.  A wide walkway with no one really using it.  The walkway idea should not have been introduced into the map they should have just fixed the damaged portions  of the map and painted it over.  The observation deck based on the orignal design should have been improved and enlarge.....not the darn walkway...the idea there is to see the whole map from above to get the whole perspective.  With the walkway you do not really see the whole map, just portions of it.  Whoever introduced that walkway idea just fouled things up. NPDC, yup you guys there, you just fouled it up.....

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