Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rizal Park - The New Noli Me Tangere Garden

I do not know why they called it the NOLI ME TANGERE garden, although  you see there the bust of Ferdinand Blumentritt and the Fountain where Rizal supposedly drank from, in that same area is the Philippine-Canadian Friendship Garden right beside it and the Binhi ng Kalayaan sculpture of Ed Castrillo that i find out of place. The one that replaced the globe and was in turn replaced by the statue of Lapu-Lapu.

 The fucked up guard house, look closely at the shape and how it was built.  The cracked hollow blocks the poor quality roofing, unpainted posts.  Obviously this was done in a hurry sacrificing quality and workmanship.  To think that this very same guard house is in the area where tourists alight from their buses to see the Rizal Monument.
 Ferdinand Blumentritt

The Rizal Fountain

 The 50th year Marker of  Philippine-Canadian Friendship
 The Philippine-Canadian Friendship Garden right nearby the Rizal Fountain

Ed Castrillo's Binhi ng Kalayaan.  I find this sculpture out of place.  It should have been placed at the center of the gallery of heroes near the tamaraw at the other side of the road. It looks fugly here. The base is fugly and the orientation not good.

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