Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rizal Park - Other Attractions

It should be Tomas the train.  Where do you find a colorful engine and a period train? Onli in da Pilipins.

Artist's Haven - The idea is good but the execution bad.  If you want to showcase the works of the artists why hide it in an almost forest atmosphere.  The whole front fence should be torn down and expose the artworks within.  If you should collect an entrance fee, design the foot traffic on a one-way direction, but please remove those mound of plants, fugly.

 The Dove's Birds House should be open up so that the doves are free to roam around and people free to feed them. Like in most parks on other parts of the world.

 The Fountain - It is already attracting crowds so move those heroes' busts to the gallery of heroes on the other side of the park.  A HEROES GARDEN it should be aptly called it would be a sight to behold if those busts are presented in rows in a unique pattern.

 This replica of the Aguinaldo House  - It should be demolished it is ill maintained or if not, turn it into a park information office. To serve some purpose.

 The Diosdado Macapagal bust should be placed in a President's Gallery somewhere in the park to make it relevant.

This sculpture on the unborn fetus should be fixed.  There is something hanging in that sculpture maybe the park authorities are not aware of it. 

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