Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rizal Park - Rizal Lights and Sounds

NPDC, wtf, a Dr Jose Rizal directional sign  placed on a Restroom signage...A TRAVESTY...(o buhay pa kayo ha?) you should be the ones shot at Luneta.   This is a problem with armchair managers they do not bother to go around and see for themselves what is wrong, what is missing and what needs changing in the park.

 What is missing here?

What is wrong with this picture?  The markers.  A new NHI marker is placed on the pathway, (YES ON THE PAHTWAY) explaining the relevance of the place, right beside an existing one that also describes the same place.  There are lots of things needed in the park and here is something that is not needed but has been provided.  If it was necessary to place the NHI marker the existing one should have been removed.  Are these people from NHI and NPDC not using their common sense?

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